Thursday, June 12, 2008

SCOM Override report and uigenerated names on monitors/reports

System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007 lacks any reports on the effective rules or monitors applied to the environment. I feel comforted by being able to see what I've got enabled. I decided to make all my custom monitors and rules as disabled in sealed management packs and enable them in overrides placed in other management packs. This is pretty much the best practice that I see everybody say you should use.

When you author your overrides in the SCOM console and then go run the handy Override report, all the Affected Elements have an obfuscated name similar to uigenerated and is less than helpful.

  • Export the management pack that contains the overrides
  • Edit the xml and find the <LanguagePack ... > element
  • Modify the IsDefault attribute to be true instead of false.
  • Modify the version of the management pack at ManagemetPack|Manifest|Identity|Version
  • Save and Import the management pack
This does not resolve the issue of the Targets being obfuscated. I did not find an easy solution for that, but had to create a custom version of the stored procedure and report to fix it.

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Dipesh said...

Nice solution..Thank you.